Hymn Noah


Back when Noah was in his prime
Men sinned and all was dark.
With patience God he marked the time
While Noah built his ark.

And by his faith he did condemn
The world that God would drown,
An heir of righteousness became,
An heir through faith alone.

Noah, by faith, when made aware
Of things he could not see,
Prepared the ark in holy fear
To save his family.

God did not spare the ancient world
When he sent that great flood.
While sinners drowned, the eight were saved,
All in the ark who hid.

God will not spare the world we see
The fiercest fire he’ll bring.
Yes, on that day the lost will flee
But those in Christ will sing.

In the ark there were but a few,
Just eight were saved, that's all.
As they through water rescue knew
So all who on Christ call.

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